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FANUC ArcMate 100iC/6L provides efficient MIG Welding

A company in Warren, PA wanted to purchase a robot welding cell that could improve their MIG welding application. RobotWorx designed and built the company a custom welding cell complete with a FANUC robot and controller, Lincoln Electric welding package, positioner, and safety package.


Application Goal:

To improve the customer’s MIG welding application by integrating a welding cell into the production line.

RobotWorx Solution:

Workcell: RobotWorx’ engineers designed a custom welding cell that was able to enhance the productivity of the MIG welding application by allowing parts to be loaded while others were being welded.

Robots: The work cell used one FANUC ARC Mate 100iC/6L long reach MIG welding robot with a R-30iA controller and an iPendant.

Positioner: The welding cell was outfitted with a tilt-rotate turntable. This turntable had coordinated motion, which allowed robot to keep the part level while welding, while also allowing workers to load a part on one side while the robot was welding on the other.

Welding Package: The robot used a Lincoln Electric welding package with a R4220 Auto Drive Wire Feeder, R350 Powerwave Power Supply, MIG torch, and Binzel Abicor water cooler. This allowed the robot to weld for longer periods of time while still remaining cool.

Safety Package: The welding cell was equipped with an area scanner, 9-button op station, PILZ safety control system, and interlocking doors.

Warranty: The system has a full-one year RobotWorx warranty.

Training and Install: RobotWorx work cells come complete with free training for up to three employees at the Marion, Ohio facility.

The customer decided to purchase a custom FANUC welding cell from RobotWorx to improve the overall quality of their MIG welding application. RobotWorx was able to supply the company with a custom cell that was able to meet their expectations.

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