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Faster, Safer Welds with a Dual FANUC ArcMate 100iB RJ3iB System

A welding company in Elkhart, Indiana wanted to order a welding cell that would not only improve the welding application and allow them to fill orders faster, but also would better protect their workers from harm. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a custom Genesis welding cell with dual FANUC robots and controllers, along with a safety package and welding package.

FANUC ARC Mate 100iB

Application Goals:

The company’s goals were to improve their welding application speed, while also protecting their workers.

FANUC ARC Mate 100iB

RobotWorx Solution:

Robots: The welding cell used dual FANUC ARC Mate 100iB reconditioned robots with FANUC RJ3iB controllers. The robots are mounted at a 30 degree angle and are programmed to work independently or together, depending on the welding job.

Positioner: The cell incorporates two different positioning systems – a 180 degree turntable and a tilt rotate positioner, which allows the company more range for welding parts.

Welding Package: The welding package for the MIG welding cell included Tregaskiss Tough Gun torches and Lincoln Electric wire feeders and welders.

Safety Package: The welding cell was outfitted with arc glare curtains on the loading and unloading side of the cell, as well as light curtains to protect the workers if the cell rotated while a worker was in the loading and unloading zone.

Warranty: The system has a full one year RobotWorx warranty.

Training and Install: RobotWorx systems come complete with free training for up to three employees at the Marion, Ohio facility.

 The company chose RobotWorx to design and build their custom welding cell. RobotWorx was able to provide them with a system that can out-weld a manual welder an estimated ten parts to one during a given shift, while also keeping workers safe while loading and unloading, meeting all of the company’s expectations. 

If you are looking to advance your welding process, get started today but contacting RobotWorx online or calling in at 740-251-4312 to speak with an expert.