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Motoman ArcWorld 6300 Arc Welding System

Our staff carefully listened to the needs of a company in Pine Level, NC that works with precision sheet metal products. The RobotWorx team of experts worked with the company and discussed a variety of options to see what would be the best fit for their business and price point. RobotWorx decided on the perfect solution for this North Carolina business inquiry, an ArcWorld 6300 Welding Workcell!

Application Goal: 

Before RobotWorx was contacted, the sheet metal company was conducting everything manually. They were looking for a way to speed up their product production and maintain (if not even increase) the product quality and consistency with a welding automation system.  The perfect system they were searching for needed to be able to weld hot or cold rolled,  and work with 11 gauge to 3/16", with welds 1/8" wide and varying in length.

RobotWorx Solution:

Workcell: RobotWorx’ engineers integrated a Motoman ArcWorld 6300 Arc Welding Cell to create a custom arc welding solution. This cell  includes a triple robot solution that includes a high-speed positioner for Hyper Productivity. 

The ArcWorld 6300 was able to greatly improve the productivity of the welding application and add the flexibility necessary for the different sheet metals.

Motman ArcWorld 6300

Robot: The professional engineers at RobotWorx knew the perfect fit for the job would be three Motoman EA1400 NX100 robots. Putting three robots in one workcell, helps to reduce the footprint while increasing production. 

/motoman ArcWorld 6300The Motoman EA 1400 is the perfect robot for this job as it has internal cabling to streamline the robot profile and reduce wear and/or cable flip. This internal cabling also gives the option for the robot to perform a full T-axis rotation without cable interference.The EA 1400 has six-axes and is sure to provide high performance and expert arc welding

Programming and cycle time are reduced and achieved by decreasing the motion required for torch orientation. 

The robots are paired with the revolutionary NX100 controller that features a Windows CE programming pendant with color touch screen, high-speed processing, and unmatched memory. 

Power Source: To power the chosen Motoman robots, engineers decided on three Miller Auto Axcess 450s. The 450 has a rated output of 450A at 36.5 VDC and 100% duty cycle. The voltage range is 10-44V and Auxiliary power 120 VAC, 10 A Duplex.

EOAT: Three reliable Binzel Standard Torches that have optimum torch cooling and high endurance. They can be air cooled from 150 to 250 A, liquid-cooled from 280 to 650 A. Binzel torches are precisely and thoughtfully designed to guarantee exact work, ensure high quality, and provide the technology necessary for stress-free welding performances

/motoman ArcWorld 6300

Positioner: The three Motoman EA1400 NX100 robots were mounted in a cell with a  ferris wheel positioner.

Safety Package: The welding cell was designed to be equipped with arc glare curtains. 

Warranty: The system has a full-one year RobotWorx warranty.

Training and Install: RobotWorx work cells come complete with free training for up to three employees at the Marion, Ohio facility.

The customer decided to purchase the Motoman ArcWorld 6300 from RobotWorx to improve their welding application.  This helped the business tremendously and ultimately increased their overall effectiveness, productivity, and happiness.

RobotWorx is always happy to see a job well done and to supply the company with a custom cell that met all of their requirements and exceeded their expectations.  The quality of our work is just as important to us as it is to you. 

If you are looking to advance your welding process, get started today by contacting RobotWorx online or calling in at 740-251-4312 to speak with an expert.