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Motoman HP20-6 Workcell Welds Military Gas Tanks

Project Summary:

Unique turnkey welding workcell designed to meet customer specifications. Robotic system had to be flexible - able to weld two different types of military fuel tanks. The workcell increased cycle speed, conserved product and cost, and improved quality. A complete safety environment was built into the system as well.

Application Goals:

Quality: With robotic welding, the results were consistent and thorough. Weld quality increased considerably, leading to less wasted product.

Safety: Every welding danger was kept at bay with a complete safety environment. Workers and equipment were protected from welding fumes, smoke, glare, and heat.

Speed: The system was able to weld efficiently, increasing overall cycle speed. Throughput has improved as well.

Conservation: The finished HP20-6 welding system has a compact footprint and an efficient use of time and materials. There are fewer mistakes and waste and greater productivity.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  • Motoman HP20-6 XRC - A reconditioned 6-axis extended reach robot with 6kg payload capability. Highly flexible, this 6-axis vertically articulated robot can reach a full 1915mm horizontally.

  • XRC Controller - The reliable XRC controller and teach pendant provides for easy programming and top performance.

  • Fronius TransPulse - 400 amp pulsing power source with water cooled welding torch, push-pull gun, synergic and spatter free ignition software, spool holder, backliner, welding leads, safety holder & wire feeder.

  • Head/Tailstock - Reconditioned servo controlled head/tailstock with 500kg capacity. Includes prototype tooling, cradle, and integration to robot controls. Approximately 8' between the faceplates.

  • Operator Station - This central operating location allows for easy access Start, E-stop, Servo-On, Hold, and Re-Start button commands.

  • Safety Package - Includes hard fencing, one door interlock, and one set of light curtains. Arc glare protection is also included.