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Reconditioned Assembly Robot Constructs Lock Fixture

A company was searching to successfully improve cycle times while also increasing throughput with robotic precision assembly solution. 

Application Goals:

The company was in need of a nimble robot that could assemble four parts of a lock fixture: spring, washer, a stamping, and T-shaped casting. They were looking for the end product to weigh only two ounces with a 5/8" diameter and length of 1 1/2". The company also wanted to eliminate wasted time and materials with consistent assembly, while also removing workers from hazards of repetitive movement injury.

RobotWorx Solution:

/motoman UP6

Robot:  A reconditioned Motoman UP6 was chosen to complete the job. It is a 6-axis, medium reach robot with 6kg payload capability.

EOAT: Provided by the customer. 

Controller: The Motoman XRC Controller and Teach Pendant is paired with the UP6; it has a 32-bit RISC architecture and the ability to control up to four robots.

Warranty: The system has a full-one year RobotWorx warranty.

Training and Install: RobotWorx work cells come complete with free training for up to three employees at the Marion, Ohio facility.

Contact RobotWorx for Product Improvement and 100% Customer Satisfaction:

The customer decided to purchase a custom RobotWorx system to improve their assembly application.  This helped the business tremendously and ultimately increased their overall effectiveness, productivity, and happiness.  RobotWorx is always happy to see a job well done and to supply the company with a custom cell that met all of their requirements and exceeded their expectations.  The quality of our work is just as important to us as it is to you. 

If you are looking to advance your assembly process, get started today by contacting RobotWorx online or calling in at 740-251-4312 to speak with an expert.