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Reconditioned Motoman Workcell for Welding Automobile Roofs

/motoman UP6The company desired to increase their cycle times and throughput with a Ferris wheel positioner, efficient welding solution that would create less downtime.  RobotWorx excels at integrating reconditioned robot systems for multi-welding automotive components that help to increase speeds, safety, and improve the overall weld quality. 

Application Goals:

They needed a welding automation system that could perform consistent weld quality on multiple unique welds (22 B side/ 20 A side) and also be able to minimize wasted time, cost, and materials. In addition, they were seeing to improve worker health by eliminating direct contact with arc glare, smoke, fumes, etc.

RobotWorx Solution:

Workcell: Certified reconditioned ArcWorld 6000 system. 

Robot: A reconditioned Motoman UP6 XRC was perfect for the job; it provides a 6-axis, medium reach with 6kg payload capability.  

Power Source: A Miller Auto Delta Weld 452  was selected as it provides 450 amp CV power source with air-cooled welding torch, safety holder, and wire feeder.  

Positioner - The Ferris wheel type positioner with a pair of indexing head/tail stocks; this includes an arc-glare divider and a common base for robot/indexer.

Safety Package - The safety package designed for the welding cell includes hard fencing with arc glare protection, one door interlock, and light curtain protection for operator safety.  

Operator Station - Operator controls: Cycle Start, E-Stop, Hold, etc. 

Warranty: The system has a full one year RobotWorx warranty.

Training and Install:  RobotWorx systems come complete with free training for up to three employees at the Marion, Ohio facility. 

Contact Us! The company chose to purchase a welding cell from RobotWorx that would increase their welding application speed and functionality during production. RobotWorx was able to provide the company with a system that met all of the company's needs and expectations. If you are ready to advance your welding process, get started today by calling 740-251-4321 or contacting us online to speak with an expert.