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Shear Machine Tending with Fanuc R-2000iA

Project Summary 

RobotWorx integrated a material handling / shear machine tending solution to fit precise cycle, part, and work envelope specifications for a parts manufacturer.

Application Goals:

  • Material Handling: Integrate a robot to pick up bar stock weighing as much as 140lbs and then stack them neatly.

  • Tooling Feasibility: Integrate and test preexisting magnetic gripper EOAT for suitability.

  • Handling Stations: Recreate the shear machines 20 degree angled pick point and stacking area. Test feasibility. Limit robot range to specific work envelope.

  • Speed: Meet cycle time requirement with a full handling cycle in six seconds or less.

  • Versatility: Robot and EOAT had to be able to accommodate parts of different weights.

RobotWorx Solution Details:

  • Fanuc R-2000iA - Reconditioned, 6-axis robot provided the reach (2650mm horizontal), speed, and payload (165kg) capabilities necessary to handle the tending.

  • Controller - Fanuc RJ3iB controller and teach pendant provide user-friendly, advanced control for all robot functionality and movement.

  • Software - Robot was outfitted with Fanuc licensed software for material handling applications.

  • Operator Station - This interface provides a number of standard controls for safety and operation.

  • Training - Free programming training held at RobotWorx' facility.

  • Warranty - 100% parts and labor covered  for one full year following system shipment.