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Robotic Industries Association Logo "Congratulations to RobotWorx for such long and influential business success (19 years)! You've given back to the community, the industry, and the nation with considerable generosity. The robotics industry is better because of your success and here's to many, many more years of it!"
-Brian Huse, Marketing and PR Director at Robotics Industries Association
Blue Chip Logo "When it comes to the down and dirty of the mechanics, there's no one better. I don't think there is anyone more knowledgeable [about robots].
-Steve Tatman, Blue Chip Vice President
Los Alamos Public School "I am quite satisfied with RobotWorx from both a product and customer service standpoint. The machine we purchased was "like new" as they had told us it would be, and it performs beautifully. I would definitely recommend RobotWorx to other schools. They were helpful in selecting the model that was best for our needs and price range, and helped us obtain a model with an end effector that was appropriate for our needs. We will probably be purchasing a programming package from them in our next round of grand funding."
-Donald Davis, Los Alamos High School Pre-Engineering Teacher
Chambersburg Area School District Logo "RobotWorx is a VERY thorough and customer friendly company. The entire staff is VERY professional, helpful, and cooperative. RobotWorx staff even adapted to our unexpected technical needs, without hesitation. THANKS."
-Raymond Setaro, Chambersburg Area School District CASD
Electrolux Logo "RobotWorx sold us an excellent robot at a very reasonable price. Customer service by Tim Brady was outstanding, much appreciated."
-Mike Savage, Electrolux
Fanalca, S.A. Logo "The answer (from RobotWorx) was very fast. This was very attractive - both the cost and the very fast response. With other companies we'd have to wait weeks to hear."
-Andrea Morales, Fanalca S.A.
Specialty Machinery and Equipment Logo "Thank you guys for all the help when I visited your facility. The personnel at RobotWorx are very knowledgeable on the FANUC systems."
-Skipper Rose, Specialty Machinery and Equipment
Brown Industies Logo "My experience with the company was favorable. I found your team in Marion to be very knowledgeable and informative with robot/integration. I would encourage a potential client to do as I did and make a trip to the plant..."
-Richard Edwards, General Manager Brown Industries, Inc.
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