ABB Workcells

ABB ArcPack U2 Workcell

ABB ArcPack U2 Workcell

The ABB ArcPack U2 has a single robot with two welding stations. It is idea for small components; a very compact and efficient design that enables easy loading and unloading of parts.

ArcPack U2 base with fork lift pockets and integrated robot riser and Head-Tailstock Mounts. It comes with an ABB IRB1660ID robot equipped with IRC 5 controller. Welding equipment is determined by the customer with a power supply, torch and wire feeder.

The ABB ArcPack U2 comes equipped with cell safety and perimeter guarding. It has manual or automatic bi-fold cell door with interlocks. The flash screen between work station tables protects the workers eyes.

This workcell has a small footprint for minimal floor space requirements. The very compact cell layout allows it to fit in tightly constrained workshop areas. There is a modular solution that can be used as a building block for your own specific cell design or ABB can provide a pre-engineered solution complete with cell guarding and manual bi-fold doors or automatic pneumatic doors.

Paired with the IRB 1660ID robot and IRC5 Controller enables, the ArcPack U2 design provides easy integration for different welding process equipment. The robot and work station are mounted to a common base with conveniently located fork pockets to help reduce installation and setup time and the base provides easy transport within or between different production facilities.

Overall the benefits that the ArcPack U2 will provide include a cost-effective building block for the following: cell layout and floor space requirements' cell guarding and equipment bases, cell safety requirements, operator interaction with the cell, weld process equipment requirements, and tooling and part fixture requirements.

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