ABB Workcells

ABB FlexArc 1000C Workcell

ABB FlexArc 1000C Workcell

The ABB FlexArc 1000C workcell is a robot weld cell with a turn table positioner. This pre-engineered cell is compatible with an ABB IRB 2600ID or IRB 1600ID robot and offers customers the choice between several single or multi-robot production solutions.

The ABB FlexArc 1000C can handle parts up to 1,000 kg, has a max bending Torque of 15,000 Nm, and an interchange time of 3.5-3.7 seconds. It has a metal mounting base, perimeter guarding, welding power supply, robotic welding torch, cell door interlocking system, torch cleaning station, index positioner, and the cables are routed through the base of the cell.

The FlexPendant provides the ability for users to run a quick check of the cell, the quality of the product, and production data. Additional software options are also available to optimize your welding application.

The ABB FlexArc 1000C is suitable for both general fabrication and automotive applications. Also, there is a super easy to use FlexPendant, requiring minimum training, that is compatible with all major welding equipment brands.

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