ABB Workcells

ABB FlexArc L-1000 Workcell

ABB FlexArc L-1000 Workcell

The ABB FlexArc L-1000 is a flexible and versatile workcell solution that is delivered pre-assembled and ready to weld. Customers can choose between several single or multi-robot production solutions. The FlexArc L-1000 is equipped with robust positioners ensuring maximum stability and exceptional use in harsh production environments.

The FlexArc L-1000 workcell has a maximum cont Torque of 950 Nm, maximum bending Torque of 5,000 Nm, and a maximum rotation speed of 150 rpm.

Recommended ABB robots for this system include the IRB 1660iD, IRB 2600iD, and IRB 4600.

The FlexPendant technology provides a very intuitive and easy to use data editor that provides operators with an overview of the status of the cell and important quality and production data. Minimal training is required for the user to organize the welding operation into a series of work steps. All the information is available to the operator to track the number of parts produced, the number of welds produced, cycle times, and the individual weld length. The system will help monitor the quality of production, using an indicator light that will turn on when a part was produced according to specification.

Furthermore, maintenance should be a breeze as you don't have to even go inside the cell when an error occurs. At a push of a button, the robot will come to the service pocket that is inside of the safety fence, but the operator can service it from outside of the cell. The FlexArc L-1000 is will truly enhance your production line and improve your overall performance.

Additional options include: Torch Service Center Including BullseyeTM, SmarTacTM, Laser SmarTacTM, Connected Services, 3D Optical Tracking, Robot Studio, Virtual FlexArcTM, WeldGuide, Secondary Enabling Device, Roll-up Door, Fume Hood

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