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ABB FlexArc L-2000 Workcell

ABB FlexArc L-2000 Workcell

The ABB FlexArc L-2000 robotic welding cell has the ability for one or multiple robots to work in between 2 ferris wheel positioners. This allows a worker to load and unload parts while the other side of the positioner has a part being welded on.

The FlexArc L-2000 workcell can handle parts up to 2,000 kg, has a max cont Torque of 3,800 Nm and a max bending Torque of 150,000 Nm, with a max rotation speed of 90 rpm.

All of the internal cables have been routed and connected at the factory and the cell components are mounted on a common base, eliminating the need for onsite engineering work. The positioners are designed and manufactured by ABB, ensuring excellent stability and durability in harsh production environments. There are additional software options available for this workcell.

The FlexPendant weld data editor provides users with an overview status of the cell and important quality and production data. It is very intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal training. It allows the user to organize the welding operation into a series or work steps and provide the information necessary to track the number of parts produced, the number of welds produced, cycle times, and the individual weld length.

The ABB FlexArc L-2000 is also flexible as it is built on a standard pellet that can be moved within or between different production facilities. It is a workcell designed with the user in mind, and sure to bring countless benefits to your production line.

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