Customized Ferris Wheel Robot System Solutions

RobotWorx is capable of customizing Ferris Wheel systems to fit your manufacturing needs. Ferris Wheel cells are a cost-effective way to automate fabrication operations, while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Ferris Wheel positioners have a slim line part positioning capability and uses three different independent servo motors. The central motor rotates two separate axes 360 degrees. Independent control of these tooling axes along with a divider wall on the central rotating axis allow for A/B style production. In this setup, "A" side tooling axis can be loaded and unloaded while the part in the "B" side tooling axis can be welded by a robotic arm. The divider wall simply eliminates arc glare from the operator loading and unloading parts.

You can check out some of the Ferris Wheel robotic systems we have listed below, or contact us to have engineering build out a quote for you based on your specific needs.

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