FANUC Workcells

FANUC Ferris Wheel Workcell

FANUC Ferris Wheel Workcell

This FANUC robot workcell has a ferris wheel style positioner to hold large parts in place for welding applications. This workcell can accommodate 2 to 3 FANUC welding robots with controllers and teach pendants.

The FANUC Ferris Wheel system can be paired with an additional headstock/tailstock positioner to provide extra rotation for part access. This robot cell can hold up to 8,000 lbs on each side of the ferris wheel positioner.

This FANUC system uses PowerWave Power source and Autodrive Wire drive. It has intuitive push button operator controls and is equipped with a PanelView operator interface. A complete safety package includes hard fencing, arc glare divider, door interlocks and light curtains.

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