FANUC Lincoln Electric Fab-Pak FW Dual Headstock/Triple Axis System

RobotWorx offers the Fab-Pak FW Dual Headstock/Triple Axis System with a new or used FANUC robot and fixed table to help increase part production with improved productivity, quality, and safety. The layout is available in a variety of standard configurations to optimize specific manufacturing needs. 

The Fab-Pak FW Dual Headstock/Triple Axis System was designed to maximize the work envelope while minimizing costs and floor space requirements.

The Ferris Wheel standard robotic welding cell is a two zone system with head stocks in each zone for part reorientation. It is designed for large sized parts that can be welded using the flexibility of reorientation; the Ferris Wheel positioner can rotate 180 degrees to allow single load/unload access point.

Every workcell comes with the RobotWorx Value Package, which includes training and warranties. 


Fab-Pak FW Dual Headstock/Triple Axis System

  • Zone Size - sweep: 39 - 59 in (1000 - 1500 mm); span: 39 - 118 in (1000 - 3000 mm)
  • Maximum Weight per Side - 1650 - 3307 lb (750 - 1500 kg)
  • Overall Footprint (WxDxH) - 144-244 x 181-193 in 
    (3654-5686 x 4606-4906 mm)
  • Overall System Weight - 7000 lb (3175 kg)
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