FANUC Workcells

FANUC Lincoln Electric Fab-Pak XHS H-Frame System

FANUC Lincoln Electric Fab-Pak XHS H-Frame System

RobotWorx offers the Fab-Pak XHS standard robotic welding cell is perfect for small to medium sized parts. It will help bring higher levels of safety, quality, and productivity to the production floor.

The FAb-Pak XHS is a two zone center or rear mounted robot on an H-Frame positioner. There is a single load/unload access point on the H-Frame positioner that rotates 180 degrees. Each zone has a headstock to reorient the parts allowing more welding to be done with a smaller arm and in a smaller footprint. The workcell is flexible as the work envelope of the robot can be reconfigured as necessary.

RobotWorx offers a RobotWorx Value Package with every workcell which includes training and warranties.


Fab-Pak XHS H-Frame / Fab-Pak XHS-CM

  • Zone Size - sweep: 40-48 in (1015-1220 mm); span: 48-108 in
    (1220-2743 mm)
  • Maximum Weight per Side - 1600-2200 lb (725-1000 kg)
  • Overall Footprint (WxDxH) - 195-210 x 175-225 in (4953-5334 x 4445-5715 mm)
  • Overall System Weight - 5512 lb (2500 kg)

Fab-Pak XHS H-Frame / Fab-Pak XHS-RM

  • Zone Size - sweep: 35-59 in (900-1500 mm); span: 39-118 in (1000-3000) mm
  • Maximum Weight per Side - 550-2204 lb (250-1000 kg)
  • Overall Footprint (WxDxH) - 112-195 x 227-295 in (2843-4943 x 5759-7501 mm)
  • Overall System Weight - 9921-12125 lb (4500-5500 kg)
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