FANUC Lincoln Electric System 55

The FANUC Lincoln Electric System 55 welding robot cell has the option of multiple robots in-between two headstock/tailstock positioners. This workcell is perfect for welding large parts and comes in a variety of tool lengths. It can handle up to 4,536 kg (10,000 lbs) on each side.

This weld cell comes with a Lincoln Electric Power Wave power source and an AutoDrive wire feeder. Safety is not a factor as it has fully integrated safety rated devices to enhance operator protection in the work environment. It has a fence system with arc glare curtain or solid panels, and pneumatic doors in between the two work zones for more arc glare protection.

The FANUC Lincoln Electric System 55 has intuitive push-button operator controls and is incredibly easy to install with a steel skid structure that has fork pockets for easy placement.

A complete system documentation kit is included, with operator manuals, maintenance guides, spare parts lists, calibration numbers, serial numbers, electrical schematics, supplier references and specifications and electronic manuals and tools.

This workcell has some featured options available such as Power REAM technology that includes a wire cutting, reaming, and antispatter spray station. You can choose an air-cooled or water-cooled torch package with a Cool Arc water cooler. There is also a fume fan and hood option for enhanced fume extraction.

The FANUC Lincoln Electric System 55 is also compatible with additional software options. You can choose Torch Guard and Collision Guard to help detect collisions and stop the robot before any damage occurs. Torch Mate for on the fly adjustment of the robots Tool Center Point. There is also a Password Protection software available to help restrict user access beyond specific areas on the teach pendant. The TAST (Thru-Arc Seam Tracking) software can automatically adjust the robot's vertical and lateral trajectory to compensate for part warping or misplacement. Touch Sensing software is another great option for part informality, as it helps the robot find the start point of your welds if they are inconsistent. Finally, WeldPRO is available for offline programming and iRVision 2D is available for part inspection processes.

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