KUKA Workcells

KUKA Arkcell RW-1-84 Workcell

KUKA Arkcell RW-1-84 Workcell

The advanced KUKA Arkcell RW-1-84 is the ultimate welding system. This Ark Cell RW-1-84 comes equipped with a KUKA KR5 Arc robot and a KRC2 ED05 controller. With it, you will get an ArcTech package that is interfaced to the Miller Auto Axcess welding system.

This KUKA Ark-cell is designed to work with DeviceNet Master and includes a Multi-Power Tap Module, 24 volt, 40 amps control circuitry, fusing for 24 volts circuitry, 4 USB connections in the controller front door, and includes single break modules for the external servo motors.

KR 5 arc Robot Arm

• 5kg Payload
• 1411mm reach
• Repeatability +/-0.04mm
• Floor Mounting
• Removable fork lift brackets
• Detachable robot connection cables
• Brakes on all six axes
• ISO flange
Universal mastering interface
• Locally maintained resolver positioning data

Robot Controller KRC2US

Dimensions -

  • Width - 810 mm
  • Height - 1500 mm
  • Depth - 540 mm
  • Open network-capable PC technology
  • Two free slots for external axes
  • DeviceNet and Ethernet slots for common bus systems provided as standard
  • Motion profile function for optimal interaction between the individual robot motors and their velocity
  • Floppy disk and CD-Rom drives for data backup
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