KUKA Workcells

KUKA KPF3-H2H500 Posiflex Positioner System

KUKA KPF3-H2H500 Posiflex Positioner System

The KUKA KPF3-H2H500 Posiflex Positioner allows manufacturers to move and manipulate their parts to be welded, drilled, polished, or a number of other industrial tasks. Paired with the right KUKA robot arm, this robotic system will drastically increase quality, safety, and throughput in any facility for many industrial applications.


• 500kg Payload
• Three Axis
• Floor mounting
• Distance between faceplates 800mm (std) - 4500mm
• Workpiece radius 400mm (std) - 800mm
• Main Axis Turning Range +/- 185 degrees
• Main Axis Rotational Velocity 81 deg/sec
• Secondary Axis Turning Range +/- 190 degrees
• Secondary Axis Rotational Velocity 132 deg/sec
• Maximum Load Torque 2480 Nm

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