Motoman Workcells

Motoman ArcWorld 1200 Workcell

Motoman ArcWorld 1200 Workcell

The Motoman ArcWorld 1200 workcell allows manufacturers to automateindustrial arc welding in a compact robotic welding workcell. This workcell contains one or two Motoman MA1440 "Master Arc" welding robots. Dual robot configurations will double your productivity.

The MSR series part positioner can handle payloads up to 1,055kg. Indexing 4 seconds, the MSR positioner features a thru-hole in the center for tooling cables, hoses, and other accessories.

An operator station, safety, and welding package come standard on the Motoman ArcWorld 1200 welding workcell.

Fork pockets allow for easy transportation and positioning of the ArcWorld1200 workcell. The 4,478 millimeter by 2,285 millimeter design means it takes up minimal floor space, allowing for more human workspace or other machinery.

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