Motoman ArcWorld C-52 Workcell

The Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld C-52 is built for high-speed arc welding.  The ArcWorld C-52 comes with either a Motoman MA1440 or VA1400 robot, with a DX200 controller.

With its compact design, the ArcWorld C-52 takes up minimal floorspace.  It comes with a fixture mount - the risers come with locating pins and threading holes, twist lock connectors on all interconnection cables, powered roll-up doors to improve operator ergonomics, and complete safety package.

The ArcWorld Welding Package includes HyperStart, Weld-in-teach mode function, integrated torch package, graphic arc files, welding power source, digital weld interface, and a 2 year torch cable warranty.

Optional add-ons for the ArcWorld C-52 include: Binzel or Tregaskiss torches and reamers, Variety of weld packages, Wide variety of fieldbus cards and HMIs, Vision systems, Seam tracking and seam finding packages, Tip changing service window, ToolSight TCP gauge, and Kinetiq Teaching.

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