Motoman Workcells

Motoman ArcWorld IV-6200SL Workcell

Motoman ArcWorld IV-6200SL Workcell

The advanced Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld IV-6200SL can handle two motoman welding robots and has a "slim line" positioner to save floor space.

The AW IV-6200SL can include dual Motoman MA1440, MA2010, SSA2000T, and the VA1400 II robots. The advanced DX200 controller can control all robot while distributing power evenly.

This workcell can handle payloads of 755 - 1,255 kg, part spans of 2-3 meters, and has a part turning diameter of 1,300 mm.

The ArcWorld IV 6200SL has twist lock connectors that are included on all interconnecting cables. It has enhanced safeguarding, including the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) that is compliant with the lastest robotic safety standards - ANSI, RIA, R15.06-2012.

The ArcWolrd IV6200SL's welding package includes HyperStart, Weld-in teach mode function, graphic arc files, digital weld interface, integrated weld torch package, arm-mounted 4-roll wire feeder, welding power source, and 2 year torch cable warranty. If you are looking to advance your welding process and bring your production to the next level, the Motoman ArcWorld IV-6200SL is just what you need.

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