Motoman ArcWorld IV-6300SL Workcell

The Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld IV-6300SL has three Motoman welding robots and a ferris wheel positioner to rotate the part. This gives the ability to weld parts faster and improving production rates. 

The ferris wheel positioner is a "slim line" positioner, reducing the size of the workcell. The AW IV-6300SL workcell works great with the Motoman MA1440, MA2010 or VA1400 II robots with a DX200 controller.

The ArcWorld IV-6300SL can handle parts weighing up to 755-1,255 kg and measuring 2-3 meters. The part turning diameter is 1,300 mm. 

This welding cell also has a patented MotoMount fixture and enhanced safeguarding. 

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