This pre-engineered weld cell provides increased production efficiency with a small footprint. It comes with a two-position 180 degree indexing turn-table. The steel divider wall on the indexing table creates two independent work spaces for robot and cell operator. The entire system is enclosed with red arc-glare curtains and mesh safety fence. An operation station and safety light curtains are used regulate the indexing turntable for operator safety. It is compatible with new or reconditioned Fanuc, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, or KUKA robots.

The RW0 Workcell comes standard with the following features:

  • Robot and table riser
  • Steel connector plate
  • Turntable with divider wall & tooling plate
  • Enclosed safety fence package, safety PLC, safety light curtains and cell stack lighting

Hate the hassle that comes with moving? Upgrade to the RW950!

A common base option replaces the steel connector plate provided in the RW0 cell. This common base holds the robot, welding power supply, riser, and turntable. The common base is built with forklift pockets to allow the cell to be easily moved and installed without removal of the these components. Contact our automation consultants today to discuss production details by calling 740-251-4312 or filling out this request quote form.

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