RobotWorx Workcells

RobotWorx RW1000 Workcell

RobotWorx RW1000 Workcell

The RW1000 workcell by RobotWorx is a customizable robot system with dual stationary work tables with 2 pneumatic up/down doors to protect operators from the robot and arc flash. The center divider wall also minimizes arc flash while the operator is loading the opposite station.

The tables are each 609.6 mm squares (2' x 2') and the overall footprint of the workcell is 3429 mm x 3035 mm (11.25' x 9.96').

The 9 push-button operator station includes all safety related buttons (E-Stop, Safety Reset, etc...), robot specific buttons (Cycle Start, Hold, etc...), and a Side "A" and Side "B" fixture load buttons.

The RW1000 workcell can be equipped with the FANUC, Motoman or ABB welding robot of your choice.

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