RobotWorx Workcells

RobotWorx RW850 Workcell

RobotWorx RW850 Workcell

The RobotWorx RW850 robotic workcell has a bi-fold hinged front door with handles for loading parts onto a stationary index table. It is compatible with FANUC, Motoman, ABB and KUKA robots.

It is a compact workcell with a footprint of 1727 mm x 2997 mm. The fixed table measures at 762mm x 1219.2mm.

Troax safety fencing creates the other three walls of the workcell that can also be lined with arc flash curtains. Operator station push buttons can vary based on robot brand you choose.

The RW850 workcell is a less expensive option without sacrificing product weld quality. This workcell will improve production and worker safety.

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