RobotWorx Workcells

RobotWorx RW950 Workcell

RobotWorx RW950 Workcell

Flexibility defines the RobotWorx RW950 welding workcell. This turn table robot system can be customized with various tables sizes, application, product fixturing and footprints. It is compatible with any small to medium sized FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, or KUKA robots.

The RobotWorx RW950 has a 180 degree indexing turn table which allows for dual station operations. While one set of parts is welded, the other table side can be loaded. It can be customized with tables ranging from 1524 mm (5 ft) to 1828.8 mm (6 ft).

The RW950 Workcell comes standard with the following features:

  • Safety fencing with arc glare protection
  • High degree of precision rotary indexing table
  • Choice of area scanner or light curtains
  • Custom built operator station
  • Operator door with safety interlocking
  • Fixed tooling configurations can be customized to fit your specific part
  • Common base and forklift pockets (making it easy to install and move locations)
  • Accessible loading side of the turntable
  • Overall compact footprint
  • Operator Station: E-stop, cycle start, start, hold, reset, auto/manual selector switch and other robot brand specific push buttons

If you are interested in an arc welding robotic workcell, the RobotWorx RW950 system could be right for you. Contact our sales application engineers today to discuss production details by calling 740-251-4312 or filling out this request quote form.

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