RobotWorx Workcells

RobotWorx RW750 Workcell

RobotWorx RW750 Workcell

The RobotWorx RW750 workcell is a fixed table compact welding, cutting or trimming system. It has a single automated up/down door with safety interlock and an arc glare window.

This smaller workcell can be easily moved with a forklift via pockets and installed. The cell is 1525 mm wide x 2560 mm deep but with peripherals (HMI, operator station, door motor) it can be as wide as 2200 mm. The fixed table is 2' x 4' (609.6 mm x 1219.2 mm) and can be configured to your specific part requirements.

Popular robots used with the RW750 are the Motoman UP6, Motoman EA1400, FANUC Arc Mate 100, or a comparable robot.

The 2 button operator station has E-Stop and Run functions. The HMI varies according to application.

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