APT Manufacturing Mod-Weld MATE Series Dual Station Rotary Table Welding Cell with Fanuc Arc Mate 120id

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Mod­el #DSRT-96-AM120

The rotary table allows the oper­a­tor to load/​unload the prod­uct out­side of the weld cell, then the rotary table will bring the prod­uct into the cell for weld­ing. When the robot has com­plet­ed the welds on side A” it will rotate table and begin weld­ing side B”

  • Fanuc Robot / Miller Pow­er Source / Rock­well Con­trols Inte­grat­ed by APT Manufacturing
  • Load/​Unload direct­ly into the weld cell
  • Locat­ing holes for Fix­tures to be removed and set back up in same location
  • Ease of set up
  • Easy main­te­nance and cleanliness
  • Side access door for enter­ing in a safe environment
  • Small foot­print
  • Recipe Man­age­ment with room for up to 100 recipes


Miller power source
Auto-Continuum™ 350
108" x 168"
Power Needed
480VAC 3-Phase 60 AMP
Table size
Auto Index Ø 96"
Available I/O
8 in 8 out
Available valve bank space
4 closed-center valves and 4 blanks
Enclosed cell
Crane accessible

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