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ABB Collaborative Robot Series

The ABB collaborative robots allow humans and robots to work together without all of the necessary safety guards and barriers. This helps to improve the overall application functionality, while also cutting down on the amount of space necessary for a robotic unit. The simple human touch will immediately stop the robot what is is doing within milliseconds.

ABB Robotics excels at pushing the boundaries of robotic automation and looks to fundamentally alter the types of industrial processes that can be automated with robots, in the future. They have designed the first collaborative dual arm collaborative robot, ideal for small parts assembly, and yet extremely safe and accurate.

Payload (kg)
Reach (mm)
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ABB YuMi - IRB 14000-0.5/0.5

Payload: 1 kg

Reach: 500 mm

ABB IRB 14050 Single-Arm YuMi

Payload: 0 kg

Reach: 559 mm