Fanuc S Robot Series

The Fanuc Robots in the S Series are all-purpose industrial automation robots that can do it all! From welding to handling, this Fanuc line represents a large payload range with a variety of work envelopes. Most of these robots have larger payloads & reach. Models include the Fanuc S-420, S-430 and the S-900. These robots are used throughout many industries. Check out the different robots in Fanuc's S Series product line below.

Payload (kg)
Reach (mm)
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Fanuc S-420iL

Payload: 75 kg

Reach: 3,000 mm

Fanuc S-420iW

Payload: 155 kg

Reach: 2,850 mm

Fanuc S-430iR

Payload: 165 kg

Reach: 3,093 mm

Fanuc S-500

Payload: 25 kg

Reach: 2,739 mm

Fanuc S-500iB

Payload: 15 kg

Reach: 2,757 mm

Fanuc S-900iB

Payload: 200 kg

Reach: 2,488 mm

Fanuc S-900iB/220L

Payload: 220 kg

Reach: 3,033 mm

Fanuc S-900iB/400

Payload: 400 kg

Reach: 2,488 mm