Welding Robot Applications

Robotic welding automation uses robots to improve welding by increasing speed, producing quality welds and reducing errors. Integrating an industrial robot is easy and a great step toward improving a production line.Welding robots include processes like arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, laser welding, spot welding, and more.

Robot Weld­ing

By automat­ing weld­ing process­es, com­pa­nies are becom­ing more envi­ron­­men­­tal­­ly-friend­­ly. The process reduces incon­sis­tent welds com­pared to man­u­al welding. 

Arc Weld­ing Robots

Arc weld­ing uti­lizes an elec­tric arc between an elec­trode and a met­al base using either con­sum­able or non-con­sum­able elec­trodes. An arc weld­ing robot uses a process which applies intense heat to met­al at a joint, caus­ing the met­al to melt and intermix.

Welding Robots

Arc Welding Robot Applications

MAG Weld­ing Robots

Met­al active gas weld­ing, also known as MAG weld­ing, is the most com­mon weld­ing method in the Unit­ed States, Europe, and Japan. The high pro­duc­tiv­i­ty offered by MAG weld­ing robots have con­tributed to its popularity.

Welding Robot Turn Table Positioner

MAG Welding Robot Applications

MIG Weld­ing Robots

Robot­ic Met­al Inert Gas (MIG) weld­ing, also known as Gas Met­al Arc Weld­ing (GMAW), is a com­mon high depo­si­tion rate process that involves feed­ing a wire con­tin­u­ous­ly toward the heat­ed weld tip. It is con­sid­ered a semi-auto­­mat­ic weld­ing process.

Mig Welding Robot

MIG Welding Applications

TIG Weld­ing Robots

TIG weld­ing has become a pop­u­lar choice of weld­ing process­es when high qual­i­ty, pre­ci­sion weld­ing is required. By inte­grat­ing TIG weld­ing robots, our cus­tomers are able to cut down on human error and increase safe­ty on their pro­duc­tion line.

Tip Tig Welding Robot

TIG Welding Applications

Laser Weld­ing Robots

A robot laser weld­ing sys­tem con­sists of a ser­­vo-con­trolled, mul­ti-axis mechan­i­cal arm, with a laser cut­ting head mount­ed to the face plate of the robot arm.

Robotic Welding System

Laser Welding Applications

Spot Weld­ing Robots

Robot­ic spot weld­ing, a type of resis­tance weld­ing, is the most com­mon weld­ing appli­ca­tion found in the man­u­fac­tur­ing field. It joins thin met­als togeth­er when the met­als resist the elec­tri­cal current.

Kuka Spot Welding Robot

Spot Welding Applications