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Arc Welding Robots

Arc welding utilizes an electric arc between an electrode and a metal base using either consumable or non-consumable electrodes. An arc welding robot uses a process which applies intense heat to metal at a joint, causing the metal to melt and intermix.

RobotWorx offers both new and used arc welding and pulsed arc welding robot application options. The used arc welding robots have been completely reconditioned and are sold at a reduced price. Regardless if you buy a new or reconditioned arc welding robot, there are many benefits of arc welding automation over manual welders.

Robotic arc welders are more consistent throughout the weld and provide impeccable repeatability, providing higher quality welds. Robots can also save workers from health hazards by limiting exposure to fumes and decreasing risk of arc burn. Robot welding decreases cycle times and enhances efficiency. The return on investment (ROI) is worth every penny spent on an arc welding robot.

RobotWorx carries new or used arc welding robots from name brand manufacturers like FANUC, Motoman, ABB, and KUKA. Large and small businesses can have huge benefits from automating this part of your process. RobotWorx also offers customized or pre-engineered arc welding cells that are great for any weld application.

Every project is customized to match our client's needs and schedule. Our experts will help you through the whole process of deciding what type of welding robot is best for your specific product, workcells that increase productivity, corresponding controllers based on the robot and technology desires, and if applicable, safety features required to meet industry standards.

We are committed to customer success and also offer the RobotWorx Value Package which includes training, functionality demonstration, inspection and reconditioning reports, full warranty options and customer support with every robot system.

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