Arc Welding Robots at Reduced Prices


Interested in automating your arc welding process, yet apprehensive of the initial costs, set-up, and time to learn? We are the right solution for you! With over 25+ years of robotic welding integration experience, we are the perfect choice to help you improve your welding process.

Arc welding processes are frequently automated due to the simplicity to integrate an industrial robot for this application. Not only do you increase production speed, you also improve costs associated with materials, equipment, waste, and labor. Robotic welders can also access hard to reach part areas. Plus, it removes workers from dangerous work environments commonly associated with welding applications.

Reduced Price Welders

We take pride in providing the most affordable robot solutions. We not only offer new welding robots, but used models as well to help provide more cost options for customers. We are also a certified integrator of multiple brands: FANUC, Motoman, ABB, and KUKA to give more selection.

We have strong relationships with original manufacturers, allowing us to provide better deals on new or used welding robots, ultimately providing more of a discount to our customers. Being a certified integrator allows us access to robot information, manuals, maintenance and warranties. Giving customers the best support possible for their specific system.

Any reconditioned welding robot goes through an extensive refurbishment process and ensures that the robot is restored to like-new conditions. We also provide more than just a robot or workcell, we provide a complete Value Package which includes items like Training, Warranties, Inspection Reports, Functionality Demonstrations, Customer Service and Support.

Want to know how to calculate how soon you should see a return on your investment? Check out our ROI calculator here. This helps people see the true value of installing a robot system into their manufacturing lines and the ultimate gains they bring.

Finally, make sure to check out our Specials page. This page lists a variety of robots, most of them compatible with arc welding applications.

If you aren't sure where to start, let our experts guide you to the right welding robot to fit your needs and your budget. We make the quoting and integration process move as smooth as possible. One of our best advantages is our larger inventory which allows us to integrate robots quicker than most.

Contact us here, or call us at 740-251-4312, to get started with research and pricing for a welding robot.

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