RobotWorx offers a variety of robot services. Each of our new and reconditioned robot systems come with a complete RobotWorx Value Package. Our experienced service department is one of the main reasons companies choose to install RobotWorx systems.

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Keeping it Running Like New

Extend the life of the your robots and get the most out your investment with the RobotWorx Reconditioning Service. Our robotic experts clean, inspect, and repair yo ur robots to restore them to like-new condition and prolong use.

Reconditioning & Inspection Services

Robot Care 101 - Preventive Maintenance

Keeping your robots healthy should be a part of your overall production strategy. Regular scheduled maintenance saves you money by pre venting unnecessary downtime, cost of additional repair work, and ensures the quality of your product remains consistent and within set specifications.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Troubleshooting Abnormal Function

Being aware of abnormal robot function can save you form major costs due to downtime, part quality reduction, or extensive repair expenses. RobotWorx can perform a mechanical diagnosis and repair your robot to keep it operating at its full potential. We have hundreds of thousands of parts available so wait time for repairs is minimal.

Diagnosis & Repair Service

General Robot Support

Have you invested in automating a part of your production process and now you need some extra help? Troubleshooting, programming new parts, and implementing new software, are just some of our many specialities in assisting robot users. Rely on our experienced service team to give you the robot support you need for maximum production flow.

Diagnosis & Repair Service

Become a Robot Expert with On-Site and Remote Training

We offer robotic and automation training for customers looking to teach new operators, gain a better understanding of their equipment or keep employees refreshed on robotic applications. Training is offered on on and off-site, giving you the option to utilize the benefit of training with your own equipment. Our training courses are tailored to your needs and can be done with a wide variety of different applications. Training packages available for FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, KUKA, and ABB.

Education & Training Service

Short Term & Rent-to-Own Options

The Robotworx rental program is a short-term loan of equipment for a fixed fee. The duration depends upon your needs and can last a day, week, or month. Any loan can be extended schedule permitting, with 48-hour notice. Our automation experts can help you integrate an industrial robot into your manufacturing process without the long-term commitment or capital costs. RobotWorx will pack and ship the equipment to your location. Training and set up are available at request.

Rent a Robot Service
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