Motoman Scara Robot Series can easily integrate Yaskawa Motoman Scara robots into your production line. The Motoman Scara robots are different than most of our articulated industrial robots. They have shoulder and elbow joints that rotate around vertical axes. The benefit of a Motoman Scara robot is the rigidity of the robot in the vertical direction with flexiblity in the horizontal plane. Motoman Scara robots are perfect for assembly operations, along with others. Contact a representative today to get more details on how to integrate a SCARA robot today.

Payload (kg)
Reach (mm)
Robot Finder

Motoman MYS450F

Payload: 6 kg

Reach: 450 mm

Motoman MYS650LF

Payload: 6 kg

Reach: 650 mm

Motoman MYS850L

Payload: 10 kg

Reach: 850 mm