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Preventative Maintenance

Regular scheduled maintenance saves you money by preventing unnecessary downtime, cost of additional repair work, and ensures the quality of your product remains consistent. RobotWorx provides an off and on-site preventative maintenance service to keep robots operating at full capacity. This service is not only for robots purchased from RobotWorx - it can also be utilized on any robot, no matter who you originally purchased it from.

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Our preventative maintenance service keeps robots operating at full capacity preventing downtime. Available for any robot and from any vendor.

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All services are estimated to take 2-4 weeks to completion time; subject to backlog of work schedule. The customer is responsible for shipping to and from RobotWorx.



Perform a complete system backup
Verify witness marks and ensure they are visible for mastering
Pre-grease inspection of all axis and function ( Motors, reducers, harnessesrobotic and controller)
Perform any necessary troubleshooting, test unit for any vibration, alarms or failures
Share comprehensive customer report and provide quote for findings if applicable
Perform repairs if applicable per customer approval
Utilizing metered pumps FLUSH all grease and oil for all axis of robot including balancer(s), racks and bearings
Replace controller and robot batteries
Replace fan filters
Post grease inspection of all axis
Document any vibration, alarms or failures
Thoroughly clean the robot and controller
Perform final testing on robot and controlle
Place service-pm reminder stickers on controller
Complete customer care package
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