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Get the most out of your investment with the RobotWorx Reconditioning Service. Our robotic experts clean, inspect, and repair your robots to restore them to like-new condition and prolong use. RobotWorx offers three service programs. Each option comes with a Limited Reconditioning Warranty.

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Find out from our experts how we can extend the life of your investment and keep your robots and systems running like new.

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All services are estimated to take 2-4 weeks to completion time; subject to backlog of work schedule. The customer is responsible for shipping to and from RobotWorx.

Full Recondition

Pre-grease inspection of all axis and function

Perform any necessary troubleshooting, test unit for any vibration, alarms or failures
Share report and provide quote
Once the customer elects to move forward with provided quote:
Perform repairs
Replace grease and oil for all axis
Replace controller and robot batteries
Post grease inspection of all axis
Document any vibration, alarms or failures
Perform final testing on robot and controller
Complete customer care package
Perform a buy off in person or via echo sign with the customer
Package unit(s) up for shipment and arrange shipping with customer
Thoroughly clean the robot and controller
Paint the robot and controller to specified paint colors

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Whether you are a first-time buyer or experienced in automation, our sales representatives and robot technicians can help you choose the right industrial robot to meet your application requirements.

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