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RobotWorx integrates new and reconditioned robot systems for a broad spectrum of robotic applications. Our robot integration experience and knowledge is a great benefit to our customers. We want your production line to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible and can identify the best robot solution for your specific application requirements. RobotWorx works with customers to design, build and integrate custom and turnkey solutions for some of the industries most common applications.

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Material handling robots can automate some of the most tedious, dull , and unsafe tasks in a production line and is one of the easiest ways to add automation. Material handling robots enhance the efficiency of your production line and increase customer satisfaction by providing quality products in a timely manner.

The term material handling encompasses a wide variety of product movements on the shop floor. Part selection and transferring, palletizing, packing, and machine loading are just a few of the application that are considered material handling.

When picking material handling equipment for your facility, you should consider payload an speed requirements, end-of-arm tooling or grippers needed facility layout and floor-space, type of material to be handled and any additional possible production problems.

RobotWorx specializes in a new and used material handling robots from the name-brand manufacturers. With a large stock of robot handling systems, we can help you select and customize it right away. We offer new and refurbished material handling robots from top brands: FANUC, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, and KUKA for affordable prices. We provide complete customer service, engineering, and training. All of the reconditioned robots have undergone a very rigorous refurbishment process bringing them back to optimal condition.

Robotic material handling workcells are also available. RobotWorx is committed to working with each of its customers to create the best new or used customized robot handling system possible.

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