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The collaborative application of robotics enables humans and robots to safely and effectively work together in an uncaged environment, with no risk of  injuries/damages.  Collaborative robots were designed with multiple advanced sensors, software, and EOATs that help them swiftly and easily detect and adapt to any sort of intrusion into its work envelope. 

Robotic manufacturers, including ABB, Universal Robots, KUKAFANUC, and Motoman, continue to create brilliant, responsive robots within the collaborative market. These robots typically have a rounder shape without any pinch points and internalized wires and motors.

They also have the ability to detect any abnormal force applied to their joints while in motion. These robots can be programmed to respond immediately by stopping or reversing positions when they come into any sort of human contact.  In addition, programming and integration is made simpler as they can be hand guided. This means a worker can show the positions/paths that are desired of the robot and they will immediately repeat them. 

ABB has created an amazingly dexterous YuMi robot that stops doing what it is doing within milliseconds at the first sense of the human touch. YuMi's safety devices are built into the robot; its soft padded dual arms combined with force-sensing technologies guarantee the complete safety of YuMi’s colleagues.

Universal Robots has an entire family of collaborative robots to choose from that are all lightweight and compact with a footprint of 1 sqm. Their training requirements are minimal as these collaborative robots all have an easy set-up and intuitive tools. They also have various mounting solutions to provide for a flexible work space.  UR also sees an average payback period of around 195 days with every collaborative robot purchase. 

KUKA has produced an intelligent LBR iiwa series that contain built in sensors and soft edges to make it safe for human collaboration. The LBR iiwa robots all have the ability to detect movement and touch all over. 

FANUC is beaming with pride in the development of their Collaborative Family of robots. These robots have integrated safety sensors that enables it to stop instantly if it senses touch and has soft covers that makes it comfortable to touch and protects against any pinch points.  

Motoman is proud to present the HC10. It was designed to avoid pinch points and dangerous sharp edges with its blue rubber skin suit to further protect humans.  It has special Power and Force Limit technology to monitor force in each joint and adjust accordingly.  If any contact with an operator is detected, the robot can stop immediately.  In addition, robot programming is made simpler with the HC10's Easy Teaching Smart HUB. This software allows the robot arm positions and gripper operation to be guided by an operator and registered. 

Overall, the collaborative robotics movement is able to improve application functionality, while also decreasing the amount of space necessary for a robotic unit. This collaborative technology is offering huge advantages to businesses, production lines, and  workers. 

Contact our sales department by filling out this form, or call us at 740-251-4312 for more information on collaborative robots and workcell options.  We are an authorized integrator of Universal Robots, FANUC, Motoman, ABB and KUKA collaborative robots and are ready to help make your production line bring in the best ROI

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