Robotic pick and place automation speeds up the process of picking parts up and placing them in new locations, increasing production rates.

With many end-of-arm-tooling options available, pick and place robots can be customized to fit specific production requirements. Moving large, small, heavy, or hard-to-handle products can be an easy task to automate in the factory line.

Consistency is also a benefit of using a pick and place system. The robots can be easily programmed and tooled to provide multiple applications if required.

An increase in output with a pick and place robot system offer long-term savings to companies. With the advancements in technology and affordability of robots, more pick and place robotic cells are being installed for automation applications.

Each robot comes with a full warranty, training and technical support. RobotWorx sells new and reconditioned pick and place robots from manufacturers such as Motoman, FANUC, KUKA, and ABB. All refurbished robots have undergone a rigorous reconditioning process, making it an excellent pick for those who want to save initial investment costs.

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