Reinventing Automotive Assembly with Robots

On the automotive assembly line, industrial robots perform faster and cheaper making them a better choice for manufacturers. The automotive assembly robots can be fitted with vision, making them more precise and create a more consistent product.

Reinventing Automotive Assembly with Robots


One of the most common industries to use assembly robots is the automotive industry. With all the parts, large and small, that go into the production of an automobile, assembly robots seem to be the perfect fit.

Because the assembly of automobiles, as well as other vehicles, is a process that requires accuracy and precision, the intelligence and steady “hand” of robotic assemblers are almost a necessity these days. As vehicles become more complex and include more electronics and safety measures, assembly robots are relied on heavily for running applications for the major and minor components.

Why are assembly robots – along with painting, dispensing, sealing, and welding robots – invading every car manufacturer worldwide? The answer is simple: Assembly robots perform faster and cheaper than previous manual assembly applications, making them a more attractive, and possibly all-around better, choice for manufacturers.

Now that these assembly robotic systems can also be outfitted with vision technology, allowing the robot to see, the choice of manual or robotic assembly is almost a given. These robotic assemblers will not only assemble an automobile, but they can also inspect their own work, cutting down on worker error.

It is said that Ford, one company that has moved to robotic assembly, put their 2013 Ford Escape together in a more precise fashion because of their group of vision assembly robots. This robotic assembly reduced gaps between vehicle parts, which decreased wind noise throughout the vehicle. One Ford engineer claimed that robotic assembly gave the vehicles a “custom-like build” because of the assembly precision.

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