Bonding / Sealing Robots

Bond­ing and Seal­ing robots can apply adhe­sives or sealants to almost any kind of object. They are desired due to their speed and accu­ra­cy of the appli­ca­tion process.

Auto­mat­ed tech­nolo­gies offer sin­gle-com­po­nent and dou­ble-com­po­nent robot bond­ing and seal­ing for a wide array of prod­ucts, mar­kets, and end users.

Sin­gle-Com­po­nent bond­ing and seal­ing is used wide­ly to assem­ble com­po­nent parts from as small as sur­face mount elec­tri­cal com­po­nents to appli­ances and automobiles.

Dou­ble-Com­po­nent bond­ing and seal­ing is select­ed because of its fast-cur­ing nature. This process requires meter, mix and dis­pense machines,manually oper­at­ed adhe­sive dis­pens­ing machines with hand held guns, as well as ful­ly auto­mat­ed dis­pens­ing machines.

Robots also reduce waste of bond­ing prod­uct. It can be cus­tomized to bond or seal with any type of seal­ing prod­uct and with spe­cial­ized end-of-arm-tool­ing to give a per­fect bond line.

Robots​.com sells new and recon­di­tioned robots for bond­ing or seal­ing appli­ca­tions from Motoman, Fanuc, KUKA, and ABB. Our Robots​.com Val­ue Pack­age includes a rig­or­ous recon­di­tion­ing and inspec­tion process, train­ing and full war­ranties with every robot pur­chased from Robots​.com.

Our bond­ing and seal­ing robot sys­tems are installed in hun­dreds of facil­i­ties through­out the Unit­ed States. Each sys­tem is cus­tomized to match the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of our customers.