Sealing with Industrial Robots


A multitude of parts require sealing. When done by hand, the job can be repetitive, hazardous, and require extreme detail, time and attention. Today, more and more sealing jobs are handled by robots. Sealing robots easily overcome a number of challenges as they are accurate, tireless, and flexible. These robots are considerably changing the sealing world.

Advantages to Sealing Robots:

Quality: When it comes to sealing, robots offer consistency and excellent repeatability. Robots are designed with application parameters: air assist, speed, anticipations, atomization, etc. They can be programmed to drastically improve the product and raise standards.

Savings: Manual welding can involve a lot of over-application, which in turn wastes material and requires more clean-up. With robots, this waste is eliminated. Plus, the entire sealing process is accomplished faster.

Health: Sealing workers can suffer from repetitive stress injury or risk exposure to unhealthy substances like PVC. Robots are able to perform sealing application without any danger. This allows companies to reorganize their workforce too - moving sealing workers to more advanced and challenging job posts.

RobotWorx has an extensive inventory of new and used sealing robots. All of our refurbished sealing robots go through an intense refurbishment process. Contact RobotWorx for more information online or at 877-762-6881.