Sealing with Industrial Robots

Sealing applications are now being accomplished more efficiently and with increased detail after the integration of industrial robots. Sealing robots are able to tackle a variety of challenges while also working 24/7 without needing breaks or vacations. Across the globe, sealing robots are being integrated onto production lines and bringing greater overall productivity.


A mul­ti­tude of parts require seal­ing. When done by hand, the job can be repet­i­tive, haz­ardous, and require extreme detail, time and atten­tion. Today, more and more seal­ing jobs are han­dled by robots. Seal­ing robots eas­i­ly over­come a num­ber of chal­lenges as they are accu­rate, tire­less, and flex­i­ble. These robots are con­sid­er­ably chang­ing the seal­ing world. 

Advan­tages to Seal­ing Robots:

Qual­i­ty: When it comes to seal­ing, robots offer con­sis­ten­cy and excel­lent repeata­bil­i­ty. Robots are designed with appli­ca­tion para­me­ters: air assist, speed, antic­i­pa­tions, atom­iza­tion, etc. They can be pro­grammed to dras­ti­cal­ly improve the prod­uct and raise standards. 

Sav­ings: Man­u­al weld­ing can involve a lot of over-appli­ca­tion, which in turn wastes mate­r­i­al and requires more clean-up. With robots, this waste is elim­i­nat­ed. Plus, the entire seal­ing process is accom­plished faster. 

Health: Seal­ing work­ers can suf­fer from repet­i­tive stress injury or risk expo­sure to unhealthy sub­stances like PVC. Robots are able to per­form seal­ing appli­ca­tion with­out any dan­ger. This allows com­pa­nies to reor­ga­nize their work­force too — mov­ing seal­ing work­ers to more advanced and chal­leng­ing job posts.

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Mar 18, 2009