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Paint Robots

Robot painting produces top quality results. Once properly programmed, an industrial painting robot can apply material without leaving behind drips, inconsistencies, overspray, etc. Paint and/or coating is applied precisely and consistently.

Industrial painting robots can provide exceptional part accessibility. Not only are robotic arms slim and far-reaching, but robots can be installed in a number of different locations (wall, shelf, rail) allowing for even greater flexibility.

Robotic painters also protect workers. The painting application is a hazardous and taxing job. Workers can be exposed to unsafe VOCs, iso-cyanides and carcinogens. Painting robots, on the other hand, are better equipped to handle the dangers of this particular work environment. Built with explosion-proof arms, these robots remain safe in the midst of combustible gas.

Anti-collision software makes it possible for multiple robots to work in close proximity to one another. With more robots working together, throughput and cycle times improve.

RobotWorx can help you choose the right painting robot to fit your needs. There are some limitations on used painting robots due to the intensity of our reconditioning process. However, we can discuss appropriate options available.

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