Types of Robotic Coatings

Coating and painting robots will help to increase the quality of work on your production line. There are a variety of types of robotic coatings available such as thermal spray coatings and field joint coatings.

Types of Robotic Coatings


Coating and Painting robots are built differently from standard robots. They are equipped with explosion proof arms. This is necessary for them to be able to safely spray coatings that create combustible gasses. Coatings are usually solvent-based paints that might trigger a fire. Coating robots must work safely in a volatile environment, and can control all aspects of the spray parameters, such as fan air, atomization air, fluid flow, and voltage.

Thermal spray coating occurs when a substrate is coated to improve functionality. Thermal spray coatings protect parts from high temperatures, abrasion, and corrosion. The types of thermal spray coating differ in their application of thermal and kinetic energy to the source material. Plasma, wire arc, and flame spray are examples of thermal spray coating technology.

Field joint coatings, coatings on the interior of a pipeline, reduce flow friction and internal corrosion, and increase environmental protection. Robots are capable of applying either liquid or powder coatings in either a single application or a multi-pass system. The multi-pass system requires longer initially, but could ensure high temperature resistance later. The type of coating robot used for this type of process depends on the project requirements: a fusion bond epoxy or a plural component liquid epoxy.

Spindle coating systems enhance transfer efficiency. Only sections are targeted to be coated, so paint consumption is reduced and setup time is shortened.

Sealing and coating operations are also common. Car body assemblies require sealing for interior seams, under-body coating, and sound dampers. Powder coating can be used for applications like coating RV parts.

Some examples of coating robots are: Fanuc Paint Mate 200iA/5L, Fanuc P-50iA, Motoman P8, and a KUKA KR 100HA. RobotWorx offers all of these robots and many more at a reduced price to fill your coating needs. Contact us today for help deciding which coating robot is right for your factory; online or at 877-762-6881.