The Benefits of Coating Robots

Painting and coating robots are quickly advancing with new technologies and becoming more effective on the production line, all at reduced costs. Coating robots help a business stay competitive and bring incredible quality to the production line. Coating robots also help to increase the safety in the work place and decrease the environmental impact.

The Benefits of Coating Robots


Paint and coating robots are no longer a costly purchase. Instead, they are highly affordable for even small industrial markets. Coating robots can help industrial users increase competitiveness, product quality, and workman safety. Further, they reduce the environmental impact of spraying coating materials.

Robots increase a company’s competitive edge. The repeatability of automated spraying is paramount; once a robot is programmed, it coats millions of parts without variation. The standard paint savings when using robots as opposed to manual painters is 15 – 30%. This is achieved by film thickness tolerance and trigger accuracy. Film thickness tolerance of plus or minus .2 mils are standard with robotics. This reduces paint losses of over-spraying or repetition with under-spraying. Trigger accuracy decreases paint loss due to paint being sprayed in the air when the trigger is on.

Increased and more consistent product quality is a major benefit of coating automation. The finishing quality is increased when a robot does the coating. Humans simply do not have the consistency or reliability that an automated robot does. Throughput will be increased, and the amount of wasted products will decrease.

Many paint spray environments are hazardous to the workmen who occupy them. Chemicals used in the paints are unhealthy to breathe. Further, spraying in a repetitive motion could lead to a stress injury. Employees can be moved to safer, less volatile positions and allow robots to work in the harmful environments instead.

Coating robots are environmentally friendly. The carbon footprint impact might soon be legally measured, and robots ensure a small one. Additional energy savings are gained, reaped from a softer spray pattern using less paint flow volume than would be necessary with a manual worker. This equals more paint savings and less VOC exhaust.

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