Industrial Automation

Robotics industrial automation is changing the face of production. Ideally suited for applications such as arc welding, material handling, and plasma cutting, industrial automation, especially robotic automation, is making it possible for companies to improve production flow and reduce costs.  

Advantages of Industrial Automation:

- Repeatability
- Quality Control
- Waste Reduction
- Integration with Business Systems
- Increased Productivity
- Reduction of Labor Costs
- Faster Cycle Times
- Improved Workplace Safety
- Remaining Competitive in Global Economy

RobotWorx is a leader in industrial automation and provides solutions that will help your company produce more high-quality products, faster. Located in the Midwest, RobotWorx can integrate complex robotic systems for any application with new or reconditioned robots.  We buy and sell new or used robots made by FANUC, Motoman, Kuka and ABB.  We also supply robotic parts from a large variety of other robot brands.  

Customers who choose industrial automation can improve safety and quality,reduce costs, increase productivity, and achieve a substantial return on investment (ROI)

RobotWorx will beat any competitor's offer by 10%. If you are interested in selling your system, please contact us or call our technical support line at 740-251-4312.

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