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Milling Robots

Robotic milling is the process of cutting material away from a prototype or mold to form a specific structure. Milling robots can perform the exact cuts and precise movements needed to produce the highest quality parts.

Automated robot milling systems can have flexible tooling designed to cater to specific material removal. Any object of any size or shape can be milled by simply adjusting the robot programming and end-of-arm-tooling.

Robot milling workcells are designed to have multiple part fixtures so more parts can be secured, increasing production rates.

RobotWorx can help you choose the right milling robot, new or used, from manufacturers like Fanuc, ABB, Motoman, and KUKA. All of our refurbished milling robots go through an intense refurbishment process and all systems include the RobotWorx Value Package. We can also help you customize a milling workcell with the right safety features, floor space, and application capabilities.

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