Grinding Robots

Grinding robots remove excess material from the surface of machined parts and products quickly and efficiently. These robots save time and production costs while improving the integrity and uniformity of each work piece.

Customized end of arm tooling can be fitted to any of these grinding robots to perform the type of grinding required, the right amount of pressure needed and not harm the product.

Consider the reach and mounting requirements to help narrow down which grinding robot is right for your production line. There are slim arm grinding robots specifically made to access the hard to reach areas of a product.

Grinding robots also reduce health risks associated with the metal dust getting in a worker’s eyes or lungs during the application process. carries a variety of new and used grinding robots from manufacturers such as Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, ABB and Universal Robots. All reconditioned robots go through an intense refurbishment process restoring the robots to like new conditions.